Monday, August 18, 2014

Montana Monday

It's been a while since I updated on Montana, my favorite red headed gelding.  He's definitely been an interesting guy this summer and is developing just as I would expect a total green bean to.... with one step forward and two steps back.

Doug Foscale Equine Photography

The problem with this "typical" progression is explaining it to Montana's dad :)  This is the first horse he has ever brought along, and while totally capable of doing a wonderful job with Montana he sometimes questions himself.  Typical of all ammies out there, and exactly why I need to introduce him to the world of blogging.

That being said, after a few less than stellar lessons (Montana is the king of evasions!) D asked me to give Montana a week of boot camp.

And I had a BLAST.

Seriously guys, I love this horse.  He is so, so hard to ride because he's just so darn quick in all his "moves" but once you assure him that you're in charge and not falling for his sheeeeeet he's such a pleasure.  I have so much to relay to D and am confident that I know where Montana is now, and where he needs to go.

PS, the answer is circles.  Lots of circles.  Constant circles.

Possibly the best part of this week was the day I expected to be the absolute worst.  I planned on riding Montana on Wednesday and when I woke up it was pouring.  This already didn't bode well with me because Montana hates the indoor and is notoriously better outdoors.  Oh well, winter is coming anyways so I better work on it.  Then I got to the barn and realized there were two other instructors teaching a lesson at the same time.  If you remember, the last time I rode Montana with another horse he lost all of his pony marbles and it was a total fail.

Needles to say I was very surprised and pleased that this was the result :)

I really wish I had video from the other days as well, as this wasn't even his best.  Just really, really, good given everything that was going on.

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  1. Awesome job! He found a good team mate. Glad it's working out!