Wednesday, August 20, 2014

That Time Prednisone made my horse a Cracked out Dragon

I apologize for the long ass title of this post.  I also apologize that there will not be a single horse-y photo in this post, because I have none, but I swear I have a life and will share pictures of that.

Ok, one horsey photo because I went to polo.

Also, Cole Swindell.  Jeans be so tight.

On to prednisone and my cracked out dragon horse.  Mollie is super level headed, and really doesn't spook at much.  She's always alarmed by large rocks, and will become derailed if she's with another horse who loses their shit, but it's a rare occurrence that she spooks.  Ever.  Therefore I was a little surprised when she took a good look/spook at the door in the indoor that is open every. single. day. a few days ago.  Then today while leading her inside she gawked at a water bucket (yup) and was very antsy on the cross ties.  I got on and within 5 minutes she'd spooked at the door, and a tablecloth on the table of the viewing room that was hardly visible from the indoor.

With all these little things in the back of my head I'm starting to think the prednisone is making her a little edgy.  I did some preliminary research about the side effects online and couldn't find much, but I don't know what else to attribute it to.  I'm just going to let it be for the time being and see what happens, but it's kind of funny in the meantime.  She's so NOT a spooker she's been entertaining everyone at the barn.

The plus side to all of this is that when I could channel all her nervous energy it made for some great trot work :)  I swear there were a few moments when we were so close to piaffe and it was so fricken cool!!

Now for more photos to prove I have a real life.

Boyfriend and I had date night.  I <3 wine.

I almost licked my plate.  Almost.

Lastly, does anyone else share my obsession with beautiful cowgirl boots?  I'm a total dressage queen but cannot resist gorgeous boots, so these guys snuck their way into my collection this week.  Whoops.


  1. I too, love wine and may or may not have been drinking a lot of it lately.

  2. dude I WOULD have licked my plate, that looks delish. I wouldn't be surprised. I like noting things that make my horse or I cray cray.

  3. Yeah... I'm eating Sour Patch Kids right now and dying because that looks amazing... The boots are gorgeous. And yay for channeling "bad" energy into "good" energy.

  4. It's ok Mollie-Wog, I am a cracked out dragon on pred too. Just an extra sweaty dragon.

  5. I concur-on pred I get really it's apparently not just a horse thing.