Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Ride Recap You Say?

For the first time since school started, I rode my horse today AFTER WORK.  Praise be the school gods who allowed me to leave school only an hour after school actually ended.

Also, today is brought to you by Halloween socks because, October.

Anyways, got to the barn and Molls was SO SUPER ENTHUSED TO SEE ME.  Just kidding, she looked like this: 

But in a surprising twist, Mollie was freaking phenomenal today.  Maybe this had something to do with the fact that I went into this ride saying I was going to nit pick my position and see if it helped.  Umm newsflash self, riding with correct position is pretty effing helpful.  

When I took a lesson on Montana, one of the things I came away with was "keeping a triangle" between my shoulders and the top of my head.  If I bring one shoulder back, the other has to come forward, and vice versa.  And my head always has to be dead in the middle of both shoulders, stretching up.  Whenever Mollie would be "almost there" in her connection, and I would align myself with the triangle in mind, she would really just come together.

Her half pass left is becoming really solid and it's so satisfying to look into the mirrors at the end of the ring and being able to actually SEE her legs crossing over.  Like, a real horse.  Right still leaves a little to be desired but one is better than none, right?


  1. Hahaaha, I love you. "NEWSFLASH!" I feel like I need to tell myself that exact statement before every ride. Oh, you mean I told my horse to move crookedly?! LOL

  2. So glad the work gods brought you a fabulous ride!! You must get picture of half pass greatness so I can be more jealous than I already am. :)

  3. love those socks!!! and glad you had a nice ride :)

  4. Thanks for your comment and for wanting to continue to read! Mollie is beautiful!