Monday, October 6, 2014

Not Dead... Just Almost

Oh hey, I'm still alive.  Barely.

Ugh this work thing blows.

The short version is, I stepped into a classroom with a LOT of issues, some of them have been somewhat resolved, but most of them are not.  I'm in a very frustrating position because while I know the cause of some of these issues, I'm not in a place where I can fix many of them.  So basically I've been working insane hours, still haven't gotten paid, and hardly remember what my horse looks like*.  Oh, and I also decided to go back to school because I'm psychotic.

*Newsflash: She really doesn't even look the same, her winter coat came in roughly 100x darker than usual, and I need to get a photo for evidence.

So when I periodically hop on the Mollie horse she's been ok, and I just thank my lucky stars that this horse can have over a week off and be totally sane and normal when I decide to hop on bareback in a halter.

I now present you with a photo dump because words are hard.

So I have these friends that I've known for about a year.  They INSIST Mollie is a pretend creature because they've never seen her, but this all changed about a week ago.  They were far more enthused than Molls, who is enthused by nothing.

The one perk to being back at school means it's AUTUMN!!! And there's nothing better than trail rides in the fall in New England :)  Being on the back of a fluffy white unicorn helps too.

The above fluffy white unicorn thinks the berry bushes in her paddock are her own personal buffet, and is adorned in purple streaks erryday.

Sometimes I'm irresponsible and go to concerts on school nights.  Two weeks in a row.  First was Colt Ford (he was meh) and then was Chase Rice (he was AWESOME).  Not on a school night was Adam Fears, who is a lesser known artist who came to play a concert at the place I go line dancing.  The guys were AWESOME, stuck around afterwards to take photos and sign autographs, and even let us teach them some partner dances :)

Colt Ford at Toby Keith's
Chase Rice at House of Blues

Dancing with the oh-so-sweet drummer from Adam Fears.

You know what's not awesome?  Pulling in a horse to use in a lesson and finding his entire hind leg covered in blood.  This photo was taken after I'd cleaned it up, I really should have gotten one beforehand.  It was gnarly.

Luckily there are lesson ponies like Katie who make up for it by letting 6 year old boys lead them inside without putting a foot out of line :)

And here's a gratuitous awkward Mollie photo because this blog is supposed to be about her after all. Girl sure knows how to accessorize ;)


  1. I've missed your posts! Welcome back to the land of the living :P

  2. Glad you and Mollie are okay, yiked that leg!

  3. yay for autumn trail rides and concerts!! hope school calms down soon!

  4. I love, love, love Chase Rice! His new album is amazing.

    1. Me too!! He put on a fabulous show :)