Monday, December 15, 2014

A Question & An Awkward Photo

First, a question.

How much hay does your horse eat per day?

Feel free to specify how many flakes, how they're divided up, and whether or not your horse is out on grass in conjunction with hay-age.  Just running a little "focus group" so to speak to see if my idea of appropriate forage is wildly unrealistic or not.

And as promised, an awkward photo.

This is how A Mollie likes to eat grasses.


  1. My horse gets two to three flakes both morning and night depending on how heavy each flake is. He is not on grass too but anytime I go to see him he gets to graze for about 30 minutes (anywhere from 3 to 5 times a week usually) hope this helps :)

  2. He's about 3-4 flakes and then free choice round bale.

  3. Both of mine eat 3-4 flakes of prairie grass hay 2x/day in their stalls. They're also turned out to graze for about 12 hours a day, but the pasture isn't much to speak of this time of year. I'm also stuffing them full of hay (among other things) in an effort to get them to gain some weight!

  4. *As a note, both my horse and miniature are turned out 24/7 and are never confined to a stall for any period of time.*

    At the moment, being Winter, my AQHA mare is getting alfalfa/grass hay: 3 flakes in the am and 4 flakes in the pm. During the Summer she gets 3 flakes in the am and 2-3 flakes in the pm (depending on how much grass there is). I have a few rotational paddocks, so depending if she is turned out on one, I'll feed less hay (but always provide it). Sometimes she is in a field for 12hrs, sometimes 24hrs. I feed accordingly.

    My miniature, having just got him, he receives 1/2 flake twice a day of alfalfa/grass hay. During the Summer, I'll probably stop feeding him hay and allow him to nibble grass and eat the hay Suzie [my mare] throws out of her feedbox. Sounds mean, but minis can balloon in weight if you aren't careful.

  5. I give my two geldings 4-5 flakes of hay every night after they get grain. They still have a little bit of grass out in their field so I may add another flake later on, but they are both super chubby still. They're also turned out 24/7.

  6. 7 horses and it's grass, grass and more grass and maybe a round bale or 2 in late winter or if there is lots of snow.

  7. Horses at my barn are literally never without hay in front of their faces, so number of flakes usually varies by quality of hay and how fast they eat it. They also get three bales spread out overnight for 4-5 horses per paddock during the winter.

  8. My horse gets a little less than half a bale a day split between 2 feedings. I'd guess about 15 lbs. The bales are small and he's only about 800lbs. He rarely gets to graze now, but is turned out in a paddock.

  9. my mare lives outside pretty close to 24/7, except for pm feedings and severe weather. she gets free choice round bale hay while out. if she has to stay in over night, she gets 4 flakes.

  10. Just a note - hay should always be measured by weight! Since flakes vary by density. In their stalls mine range from 5-10lbs over night, then free choice round bale during the day.

  11. Miles is fed three times a day, as follows:
    AM - 2 flakes Orchard grass hay, 3/4 scoop Purina Strategy
    Lunch - 3 flakes hay
    PM - 3 flakes hay, 3/4 scoop Purina Strategy + Supplements

    In the summer, I increase his grain to 1 full scoop because we're working harder and I'm riding more.

    Also, horses go out year-round for at least 4 hours/day on grass. Obviously sometimes in the winter they remain inside due to weather.