Friday, December 26, 2014


Fly On Over's Secret Santa that is!

On Christmas Eve I received my Secret Santa present and I was so flipping excited to open it!!  This was the first time I participated in the Secret Santa and had a blast getting a gift together for my blogger, and was so excited to see what someone had thought up for Mollie and I.  Plus I just like horse-y presents, ok?

One of the things I'm loving about this swap is finding out about new blogs, like Nicole's at Equinpilot!  I admittedly haven't read her blog before but she seriously spoiled me and will definitely be a blog I follow from here on out.

First up was a gift for Molls, which is really what this was about in her opinion.

Inside was a equine Russel Stover's box!  Nicole included all sorts of treats for Mollie to sample, and even had a handy little print out explaining what each treat was.  Spoiler, Mollie hasn't turned any of them down yet.

Sorry this is upside down.... I'm still not fixing it.

Also upside down.... you get the point.

Next up was this adorable bracelet.... or maybe necklace?  I admittedly have not taken it out of the package but I love the pendant :)

And in case Nicole hadn't done enough (she had) she really went over the top with this last gift.  Let me just say I am absolutely BLOWN AWAY with the framed cross stitch she sent of my girl.  It looks JUST LIKE MY HORSE.  She obviously used a photo from this blog and turned it into an absolutely beautiful keepsake that I will seriously treasure forever.  I still can't get over how perfectly this turned out, the photo doesn't do it justice.

Thank you so much Nicole for the gifts, and thanks to Tracey as well for organizing this!


  1. awesome gift - love that cross stitch! also want to say THANK YOU for your gift - the crocheted (?) portrait of Isabel is perfect beyond words and i love it!!!! :D Merry Christmas!

  2. So, glad you liked everything. My sister helped me design and frame the picture. It was our first photo to pattern, so we were just as amazed how well it turned out. Have to say I love Mollie's white spot on her ear.

    1. That was the first detail I noticed!! I may have squealed... I can't believe that was your first photo to pattern, it is AMAZING. Thank you thank you thank you :)

  3. Wow, between you and Nicole some amazing crafted gifts! Let me know when you are ready to go into business making these horses, I definitely need a Phoenix and Stampede....

  4. Wow! Beautiful, personalized gift.

  5. That treat box is a really cool idea! And I love your gifts, so awesome! :)

  6. Agree with the comment above - the treat sampler is great idea! Hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  7. What an awesome treat box! And that cross-stitch is adorable!

  8. Wow what a great present! How sweet that she put together a box of treats AND the cross stitch is SO cute!