Monday, February 16, 2015

F*ck this F*cking Sh!t

Sorry for the expletive title.

But seriously.

I'm sure you're all either
A) From the North and sick of hearing about snow because you're suffering too
B) From the South and sick of hearing Northerners complain about the snow.

But I'm about to do it too.

First, snow memes.

Rhode Island has gotten over 53 inches of snow so far this year, which is a lot of effing snow.  Fun fact, I'm a mere 59 inches tall, so we're getting close to snow being one Alicia deep.  Now I'm a winter person but dear god, where are we going to put the rest??

I went to ride my horse today and was greeted with a trek up the driveway by foot, because the BM's car was stuck in the driveway.  Awesome.  Upon approaching Mollie's paddock this was my view.  Note Mollie, in her purple blankie.

You can see her, right?

Then I laughed because I realized the snow in her paddock is now so high, she could easily climb out.

Despite the snow being piled high, it is packed down so hard she can still stand on top of it all.

Then once I walked her in we obviously had to stop for a snow snack.  There's none in her paddock, duh.

I tacked her up to ride but realized her reins were frozen the way that they were looped on top of her bridle.  So I did what anyone would do on a single digit day when their horse hasn't been ridden in god knows how long and snapped her clip on reins to her halter and away we went.

I had a decent ride, although short, and hopped off once I couldn't feel my thighs.

Mom.  Please.
The cuteness.

Fingers crossed for warmer weather, or at least maybe weather in the double digits!!


  1. Good lord. I think I will stay over here in Idaho. At least she is still as cute as ever!

  2. That is intense! Hope is melts...but not too fast...please no flooding.

  3. ugh i am so sorry for y'all... what a mess. at least your horse looks like she's doing just fine!!! good luck!

  4. Replies
    1. Don't get me wrong, I am VERY grateful for the indoor!! Some days it's just too cold to safely use it.

  5. f*ck winter, and f*ck snow. I am right there with you sister!!