Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Non-Horse-Related Post on Winter

I've officially entered my favorite phase of winter... hibernation.  While most people sit around and complain about the never ending snow and inability to leave their house, in a sick way I totally love it.  There's something about being forced to be inside that I really like at times.  The majority of the year I am in go mode, and am never home, because I have a zillion obligations that keep me running on all cylinders.  Hearing that I have to stay home and take it easy for a little while is music to my ears.

And well, also I'm a teacher, and snow days are infinitely better for us than they are for the students.

Alright, enough of that, horse content will resume again tomorrow :)


  1. I was in severe hibernation mode for almost all of November and December. January got a tidge bit warmer and started to get lighter outside so I let up on the hibernation mode a bit and, unfortunately, got a little hopeful that severe hibernation mode was over.
    It was not to be, it got colder again and now I never want to leave my house. Sorry pony, I'm so sick of cold toes and cold nose.

  2. I would like winter more if I got snow days!