Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Snow Day

It finally freakin snowed!!!

Want to know what's fun?  Having to jump out of your back door (because it opens inside, not outside), to throw yourself through waist deep snow, to get to the front of the house, to dig a path to the front door, in order to exit your house.  Please note the entire story-height of snow on top of the roof.  Also, if you are wider than that path, you are not going to get inside.  Sorry.

As a native Rhode Island-er it's alarming that we haven't had a single snow day yet this year.  A couple of dustings but nothing actually winter worthy.  And while shoveling out the driveway is a total bey-otch, I'm totally ok with shoveling for a few hours and having the rest of the day to sit on my butt, catch up on the DVR, and write report cards.

When shoveling 24+ inches of snow, it's important
to dress like an eskimo.

There was a travel ban from 10pm Monday until 8pm last night, but midday today (Wednesday) I ventured out to the barn.  Luckily our BO lives within walking distance from the barn so the horses were all fed and watered as needed yesterday, and were actually able to go out today.

The barn is so pretty under all that white stuff :)

I took Molls out, removed the snowballs from her legs, and threw her tack on.  And I now present you with "how to ride your horse in a blizzard".

1. Put a wool cooler on your horse for the following reasons.
A) She will be cold
B) You probably haven't groomed her, and this will cover that up
C) It's fancy as fuck
D) It's really just a means of keeping your legs warm

Wonder why your reins are so wavy.  Realize they are frozen that way.

3. Decide that the jumps are totally do able, even though your horse has been inside for several days and you haven't jumped in over a month.  Horse will be perfect, because she just is.

Take a snap for your snap story to prove that you braved the blizzard to exercise your beast.  And also because she's cute.

Not pictured: Allowing your horse to walk to her paddock from the parking lot from herself, because there's literally nowhere for her to go except the plowed path to her gate with the snow up to her belly.

Stay warm friends!


  1. omg frozen reins... .noooooo!!!! good for you for getting out there... meanwhile i'm cold just reading this haha

  2. frozen reins?! That's just too much haha