Thursday, January 22, 2015

The Red Gelding: An Update

Those of you that have been following the blog for a bit know about Montana, the big red gelding in my life.  I'm helping his dad, D, out with him as he's the epitome of a green bean and D is a green horse owner as well.  I haven't updated on Montana since the summer so figured it was high time he gets some blog time again.

The biggest and bestest dork

Last summer I was riding Montana quite a bit, and he was going very nicely.  He had WTC pretty consistent under saddle, in both directions, and was finally able to trot and canter on a circle to the left.  Right was a little dodgy, but getting there.

Then winter came.

Montana doesn't "do" winter.

But he does do weird faces....

First of all, he hates the indoor.  It's getting better, but it's just not his favorite place.  Also, now that I'm working again I have less time to work him, therefore he's only getting worked by D and I once a week.  There is another trainer at the barn that is supposed to work Montana during the week, but that's never consistent so the poor guy was having some issues.

Riding him around the ring was like trying to pilot a baby giraffe, powered by a hamster running on a wheel.  Oh, and the hamster kept falling off.  So the beginning of the winter I advised D to buy a surcingle and a set of side reins, and we got started teaching the beast to lunge.  He actually picked things up faster than even I thought he would, and is starting to really get it!!

Thinking in progress

I don't have any pictures or videos of the lunging business, because I'm busy directing the beast, but he's finishing up his sessions with soft eyes, lots of chewing, and tongue licking, and really seems to like the consistency of the work.  Last week I even set out some trot poles and while they completely rocked his world for the first 10 minutes he eventually figured things out.

Most days after we lunge him either D or I will hop on for a little bit, just so the big guy still gets some under saddle time.  Fingers cross all the lunging will do wonders for his brain and balance, and he'll be better than ever come spring.


  1. aw i love his 'thinking' face haha. glad he's doing so well - and seems like he appreciates the simplicity of lunging while he figures it all out

  2. That last meme pic is perfection!

  3. His blaze is super cool! Love his thinking face.

  4. Winter is tough on Miles too -- but changing up our routine really helps keep his brain engaged