Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Feets

Today, I have a confession for blog land....

Sometimes I'm a pretty neglectful horse mom.

I blame this on the fact that my horse is an absolute trooper, and just kind of trucks along and puts up with my disorganization and lack of motivation a lot of the time.  My horse is also pretty considerate. For example...

Mid-November I went to Equine Affaire.  There I bought Mollie a zebra print turnout sheet.  Now she didn't need a turn out sheet, but hers was really old, it was an awesome deal, and it was zebra print, so I obviously bought it.  Keep in mind that I hardly EVER buy blankets because Mollie is extremely good to her blankies and gets turned out individually.  There's very rarely wear and tear on them, and as a result she's probably had some of her blankets for 10+ years.

Well wouldn't you know the day after I buy her a new sheet she tears her old one to absolute shreds.  And my only thought was how considerate.  I mean, another horse wouldn't have waited until I had a replacement sheet, but Mollie is just good like that.

Fast forward to now.  I've been having a heck of a time trying to get ahold of my farrier since switching barns.  Mollie's feet were last done the week before we moved barns which was.... the last week in October.  That's right everyone.  My horse had't had her feet done in two and a half months.  I did feel really badly about it, but to completely honest her feet didn't look that bad.

Since my farrier showed no signs of showing up anytime soon I asked for recommendations and contacted a new farrier.  He said he was pretty booked, but would fit me in as soon as he could.  Yesterday he called around 3:30, said he could be at the barn by 4, and off I went.  I pulled up and found my horse like this.

See how her hind left hoof is oh so casually stepping on her blanket?  Yeah, she had torn the blanket and the trim was wrapped around her shoe, so when I made her move she flailed around a bit, yet managed to free herself.  I took her into the barn, and discovered this.

She damn near ripped her shoe off, just seconds before the farrier pulled up after almost 12 weeks in this set up.  How considerate.  Thankfully the new farrier did an awesome job and Molls should be all set for the next 8 weeks, when I've already set up another appointment :)


  1. Hey at least the farrier was there right? :P

    1. Like I said, so considerate of her!!

  2. Mollie really is the most thoughtful mare ;)

  3. Wow - she must really love you!