Monday, June 9, 2014

Mollie Updates

I feel like the majority of my posts lately have been blog hops and talking about horses other than my own.  Seeing as Mollie would be horrified to know she's sharing her blog with others, I figured a little update was in order.

While she certainly hasn't been working very hard lately I have been seeing her a few times a week, whether it's to ride, lunge, or groom, etc.  I've been putting in the effort lately to get to the barn an extra time a week yet somehow this has resulted in something bizarre happening about once a week so it's like I'm not there any extra at all.  Argh!

At any rate, at least I pulled her mane.
For example, a few weeks ago I got to the barn after work one night, only to find out I didn't have my helmet and had no idea where it was.  Because I've been riding Gobi (at a different barn) and other horses at the lesson barn, my helmet has been traveling lots.  Up until now I was pretty good at making sure it made it back to my car but I slipped up that weekend.  This of course has me considering buying another helmet strictly to keep in my car...

Since I couldn't ride I lunged Molls instead.  And then offered her absolutely no assistance when she didn't feel like picking up her left lead.

I'm sure telling her to "fix it" was super helpful.

Then this past weekend I went to ride after teaching lessons and there was a mini-clinic going on at Mollie's barn.  This is fine, because we have a lovely outdoor ring to ride in.  Then Mollie decided she would absolutely DIE if she went anywhere within the half of the ring beside the woods.  That we ride through.  Every week.  Without issue.  This was complete with teleporting sideways, scooting, and much fire-breathing-dragon impersonating.

So yeah.  That's where we've been.

In other news, enjoy these fun pictures because it's all I've got.

 We're basically selfie queens.

 No matter how tightly/loosely Mollie's flymask is done each day, this is how she comes inside.  I'm not sure how she does it, or why she leaves it like this once she gets it off her ears.

Molls got a bath this weekend after our unproductive (shocking) ride.  I let her graze afterwards because they had already been turned in for the day and she had her pick of the property.  Naturally she chose to graze in this spot, surrounded by random 2x4s.


  1. I got Henry out of his stall the other day and one ear was through the center forelock opening of the mask. I don't even know how they do it, that's some pretty good aim.

    1. Haha I've caught her with her ear through the forelock hole as well!

  2. Oh, gotta love it when they randomly decide an entire area is going to eat them.

  3. LOL @ the flymask. What a cutie...

  4. Apparently it's all the rage to wear your mask on your nose now! So cute!