Monday, June 23, 2014

Two Steps Forward...

...and one step back.

Last weekend was awesome in the world of ponies, and I was feeling pretty good about everyone's progress so it only makes sense that this weekend didn't quite live up to my unrealistic higher than average expectations.

Saturday started off with a visit to Mollie's barn for a quick hack before lessons.  She's still feeling off but lacks any sort of heat/swelling/anything that might explain why she's NQR.  I had my BO take a look at her, as I still can't tell if it's left or right, and she was just as stumped as I was.  Sometimes it looks front L, and sometimes front R, which leads us to think maybe it's a little of both.  Fingers crossed that this is just because her feet are a little over due, and the farrier is coming out this week so that will fix things.  Immediately after trotting around/cantering my BO did find a digital pulse... in all four fricken legs.  I'm trying to forget about that though, because at rest there's no pulse.

My day of blah continued when one of my lesson kids fell off :(  It's the first time any of my kids have fallen while in a lesson with me, and while she made it pretty easy (rockstar didn't shed a single tear!) I still felt awful.  It was her first fall as well, and she's only 9, so the fact that she didn't cry, got right back on, and rode around like nothing happened is pretty remarkable.

Calvin in the back and his "brother" Blaze
I also rode Calvin at lesson barn on Saturday, and he just wasn't feeling so hot.  He seemed really uncomfortable through his back (again) and tight/short on his left hind.  He also tried pulling some crap a few times and while it wasn't awful I wonder if he's ever going to be a horse someone cold can hop on and go.  He just has so. many. quirks.  I'm wondering if part of his loose-ness and relaxation last weekend came from being lunged 3 times during the week, and am going to try to incorporate more of that.

High note, this was my view Saturday night
Sunday was marginally better, and at least I can say no one fell off ;)  Lessons were good, I actually will go as far to say I had a mental breakthrough with one of my tougher students (Hallelujah!!), and decided to hop on Montana at the end of the day since his dad was away all weekend.  One of the lease kids was there as well so I was excited to have someone to ride with.

Montana wasn't.

Actually, I shouldn't say that.  Montana was ecstatic that he was in the same "paddock" as Blaze, and became infatuated with him.  I had about 5 minutes of nice walk/trot work until his remaining working brain cells totally flew the coop and latched on to Blaze.  He started to get a little naughty, but didn't do anything awful.  I honestly don't even think he was really trying to be naughty, he just could not focus on anything other than getting to his new found buddy.  We ended by just standing in the middle of the ring for about 5 minutes watching Blaze work.  I know what we'll be working on this summer ;)

To finish off the weekend I went over to Mollie's barn, and hopped on in her halter and bareback.  I thought she actually felt better than she had the previous day but there was no one around to look at her for me, so I'm going to ride her for the BO again either Tuesday of Wednesday, and mystery lameness continues to be a mystery.

Hooray for awkward photos!


  1. Oh my, sounds like a rough weekend. Hugs to you <3 When it rains it pours, hey!?

  2. Hopefully Mollie is feeling back to normal soon! :)