Friday, June 6, 2014

New Men in my Life, Part I

So I feel like it's time to introduce the blog-o-sphere to the two new men in my life but to keep things brief I'll do things one at a time.  The first is one you briefly met last week (or maybe two weeks ago.... what day is it?) and his forelock is as luscious as ever.

A little background on "Gobi" before I get the the pictures and videos that we're all really here for.  A friend of mine still boards her horse at a barn I boarded Mollie at many years ago.  She called me a few weeks ago and simply said, "I have a project for you.  He's really small and a baby."

How baby horses stand on standard horse cross ties.

Well, she was right.  I am only 4'11 and I somehow dwarf this pony, which I've never done in my life.  I have no idea how tall he actually is, but he's tiny.  Another fun note, when I got there to ride him I was informed his teeth had never been done (he's a rescue), he's around 4 years old, and they know he'd been backed but were not entirely sure he'd actually been "ridden".  So I tacked him up in a rope halter and lead, and off we went.

That face.  I cannot stand.

I have to say, for a wild baby horse, he was very well behaved.  He'd clearly had someone on him before because he had basics.  Leg means go, pulling means turn or stop, etc.  Not to say it was pretty, but he definitely wasn't naughty.  We even went over a little baby jump, just to see :)

**Side note, I do not recommend or think it is a good idea to jump green baby horses.  We simply wanted to see what he could do, and he could have easily stepped over the fence.   Wild baby horse has not been jumped since.**

Haiiii are you my mother?

Anyways, I've been hacking him once a week to get him going and rideable.  The goal is for this guy to be a therapy pony, which I think he'll really excel at.  He's quite unflappable so far and loves kids so hopefully it all works out.


  1. Glad things were successful with him! You certainly are brave for jumping him! HA ha ha

  2. Go girl! Can't wait to see what you do with him :)