Tuesday, August 30, 2016


This has been a pretty good summer for Mollie. Last year she suffered pretty horribly from COPD, which she was diagnosed with in summer of 2014. I went into this summer armed with ventipulmin before we even needed it and was stunned at how well Mollie did. For whatever the reason we were able to maintain her on 3mls of venti, twice a day. This is a stark contrast from last summer when she was on 7mls twice a day and still having a flare up about every other week.

Riding super early helps.

This made riding much easier this summer, since breathing is important for working. I have been struggling in my rides most of this year however. I simply don't ride nearly as consistently as I used to, which means Mollie and I aren't as capable as I know we can be. This frustrates me IMMENSELY. I know the only solution to this is more riding though, so I've made it a point to get to the barn no matter what. These last 3 weeks I've ridden 4-5 times each week, which I'm thrilled with. Molls.... Is exhausted. But with me going back to school next week I'll be happy to maintain 3-4 rides a week. And with Molls just 6 months shy of being 20 years old, I'm thrilled with that.

Looking pretty damn good for 19 and a half.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Catching Up

Well blogland, it's been a hell of a year.

I really cannot believe it's been over a year since I've last blogged and the main reason for that was because I wasn't riding a whole lot.  The truth is, I'm not riding whole lot now either but I really have missed blogging and figured sporadic posts are better than none at all.  Despite not blogging on my own I've still been reading everyone's blogs and your adventures make me very jealous indeed!

Just because I haven't been riding often doesn't mean I haven't been riding at all however....

Halloween 2015... or that time I dressed Mollie as a sheep.

Favorite guy rides Molls - March 2016

Looking shiny - April 2016


Fave guy and I took a trip to DC

Which was AMAZING

Because in this spot


So yes, this year has been insane.  We are in the throes of wedding planning, trying to buy a house, and all the other things we all do on a daily basis.  With lots of time for beach and ice cream, of course.

That summertime Rhode Island life

Here's to (hopefully) more riding, blogging, and keeping my head above water :)