About Mollie

Registered Name: IM Merely A Jessee
Barn Name(s): Mollie, Mollie-Wogs, Molls, Cow Pony, Fat Head
Registered: American Paint Horse Association
Sire: Tailwind Jessee
Dam: Gauchita de Pampas
Color: Chestnut-y, light roaming
Height: 15hh

Mollie came to me in the most untraditional of ways, as I feel most heart horses do.  Just when you expect nothing, when she is everything you didn't want, is when you find them.  Mollie is all of those things.

I had previously owned an Arabian gelding who was far too much horse for a 10 year old girl with little riding skills.  He was sold to someone more experienced, and I was desperate for a new best friend.  I wanted something calm and quiet, the opposite of the fiery chestnut gelding who had shattered my confidence.  I wanted a horse who had been there and done that, who could pack me around 4H shows, and maybe join Pony Club.  My grandmother took me to look at horses each weekend for nearly 6 months.  We came close with two, and extremely close with one gray pony who was everything we wanted.  In his early teens, a total packer who on paper was exactly what we wanted.  My grandmother was getting ready to call the barn we would bring him to in order to arrange a stall when I informed her that he wasn't right.  He wasn't the one.  

We continued looking although as I remember it the horse hunt seemed to slow down slightly... maybe that's just how I remember it.  I was traveling up to New Hampshire with my grandmother and then instructor to attend a clinic on a friend's horse.  While there we were told about a horse for sale 5 minutes down the road.  She was, well, a she, and she was 4 years old.  And she was ridden western, on trails, at a walk.  Sometimes they trotted.  She was nothing we wanted, but I insisted.  I mean, she was only 5 minutes down the road, why not?  I walked into the backyard barn and Mollie was standing on the cross ties, every bit of a scraggly, under developed four year old who hadn't been in consistent work.  Obviously, I loved her.

I remember her owner getting on and riding her around the ring, then my trainer, then it was my turn.  While riding her around the outdoor ring just feet from a very busy road a group of no less than 50 motorcycles went flying by.  Revving their engines, blowing smoke, and causing all kinds of racket and Mollie didn't bat an eye.  Done deal.  I remember thinking at that very moment she had to come back to Rhode Island.  As I got off my instructor asked, "Well, did she feel like home?" I couldn't have agreed faster.

Mollie and I the summer after I got her.  She was 5 and I was 12.

Two weeks later Mollie passed her vet check and made the trip to Rhode Island.  To say we have had our struggles over the last 12 years would be an understatement but she is truly my heart horse and I know I will never have another like her.  She has tested me, I've fallen off of her more times than I can count, and we have learned so much along the way.  I fill with pride every time I get a compliment on her because to know that I have had some part in making her the horse she is thrills me to no end.  She is my pride and joy and I like to think she likes me too :)

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