Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Force Field

Last week I actually rode my horse during the week.  This happened because several majikal things aligned, so naturally it was an awful ride.

Majikal Reasons why my Ride Couldn't Have Been Good:
1. My brother actually offered to come with me
2. I didn't have any work to bring home with me
3. My brother was available for photos/video

So naturally, my horse was unrideable.

Now most people in blogger-land don't know Mollie THAT well at this point, but I am very pleased to say that she is a very level horse.  It takes a LOT to spook her/unsettle her/etc. and while she wasn't always like this it is something we've worked very hard on.  And I'm pretty damn proud of the fact that I can now take her and ride her in almost any environment without issue.

So you can basically imagine my surprise when I brought her to the indoor and she became a fucking freak show and absolutely REFUSED to cross over the centerline of the ring and go anywhere near the right side of the arena... It was like there was a god damned force field down the centerline that she refused to cross without elevator-dropping, spinning, and leaping through the air.  My biggest regret is not having my brother video any of this... I was too busy being pissed at my nutcase horse to realize I'd want to share this with the internet.

I tried everything I could, Mollie would periodically trot on a 5 meter circle, then freak the F out again.  I was mostly annoyed that she wasn't paying attention to me.  If she's legitimately scared then no problem, but she needs to still respect me and my space.  I ended the ride by hopping off and hand walking her up and down the highly offensive end of the arena.  It didn't help.  I quit.

Looking back perhaps there was something going on in the woods outside of the arena... I really have no idea.  Here's to hoping next time I ride she's forgotten all about it ;)


  1. That's the worst! I hate it when my horse decides there's some flesh-eating monster RIGHT THERE OH GOD LOOK!

  2. Perfect picture for that ride... The cat's face? Priceless. Shit happens, I've seen her in her perfection. Hehehe.

  3. She was just trying to protect you from the invisible monster!

    That said, I totally understand, it's almost more frustrating on the quiet ones because it's so random.

    1. Well she did a very, very good job of it lmao.