Friday, March 7, 2014

Favorites, Take Two

So a few weeks ago I blogged about my favorite winter gear with plans to continue the "Favorites" theme every week or so.  Then I totally forgot about it until now.  And since I don't ever ride anymore (during the week anyways... it feels like forever) I figured it was time for another installment.  This time I'm focusing on favorite medical/horse heath care items.  Luckily Mollie is a very healthy horse (knock on wood) but we still have a few things that have become favorites over the years.

Leg Care

As I mentioned above, Molls is a pretty healthy horse and rarely does she have any leg issues.  But seeing as I've had her for (nearly) 13 years now she's gotten her fair share of swellings/strains/bumps, etc.  A few years ago I got on the "Sore no More" bandwagon and this was the first product I tried and fell in love with.  I use this for EVERYTHING.  Swellings on her leg?  Poultice.  Mysterious bump?  Poultice.  Heat?  Poultice.  No kidding, I use it for everything.  Also, since we like being ghetto, I've realized that one square of paper towel fits perfectly around Mollie's lower leg and perfectly covers up the poultice.  Add a pillow and standing wrap and she's good to go.  I have even used it on her hocks/stifles without a wrap (literally just slather it on) and it's worked there too.

Price: $21.99 (from Dover)
Biggest Pro: It hasn't failed me yet, and I use it often.  It's very versatile and I can use it basically on any part of her leg.
Biggest Con: If left for a little while sometimes the clay and water "separate" slightly.  All it takes is a little mixing to get it combined again though.  And there's that whole poultice-under-your-nails thing that some people aren't crazy about, but it doesn't really bug me.

Skin Care

While skin care may not be a pressing matter to all horse owners I would say it is one of Mollie's most common areas of need.  Molls has two white stockings that are prone to fungus/bacteria, a white nose prone to sunburn, and overall sensitive skin prone to hives the size of golfballs (except for the one freak time they were as big as baseballs... no exaggeration).  As a result skin care is important to us and this stuff has been in our tack box before it was even a horse product (originally marketed for dogs and cats).

Price: $9.99 (from KV Vet)
Biggest Pro:  This is a super versatile product that I can use anywhere on her body, mane, or tail (because she likes to itch those things too).  I see results immediately using it, whether it be healing a cut, soothing skin irritations, or regrowing hair.
Biggest Con: I honestly can't even think of one.  It's that good.

Hoof Care

So how many of you have dealt with abscesses before?  And how many of you have dumped epsom salt into water in a feed pan and then spent half an hour trying to get your horse to stand in it?  Yup there's no reason to do that ever again.  Because the little container below full of green goop will solve (almost) all your problems.  Now I've never even used this stuff on Mollie because the girl has never had an abscess (I definitely just jinxed myself) but last summer when I ran the summer camp at our barn one of the schoolies had chronic abscesses and this stuff seriously saved my sanity.  I'd make sure the hoof was clean, glob a whole bunch of this stuff into/on the bottom of the hoof, throw on a gauze pad, and wrap.  Voila, hoof is now going to benefit from epsom salts for 24 hours.  No water, no mess, no swearing (unless your duct tape sticks together when wrapping the hoof).

Price: $9.99 (via Dover)
Biggest Pro: This is SO MUCH BETTER than soaking in epsom salts in water.  I think that's enough said.
Biggest Con: It's a little bit messy and there's definitely a trick to getting it from the jar onto the hoof without anywhere else.  Once you master that though it's pretty smooth sailing.

I hope you guys like this list of faves!! If there's anything you prefer do let me know, I love trying new things :)  This weekend should be chock full of horses between lessons and riding so hopefully I'll actually be able to post about riding my horse.  Since that's what this blog is for and all.


  1. My horse is so prone to absesses! I need that poultice in my life!

    1. It is wonderful!! So worth the $10.