Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Seven Deadly Sins - Blog Hop

Hopping on the Blog Hop Bandwagon because I (shockingly) haven't been out to ride my horse this week.  This is becoming a theme because I just cannot convince myself that riding in the dark and cold is fun anymore.

In honor of Fat Tuesday and thanks to Viva Carlos I give you "The Seven Deadly Sins: Equestrian Edition".

Seven great things/strengths in your riding life

1. A horse that trusts me (almost) all the time.
2. Many trainers/instructors/mentors who have shaped my riding for the better.
3. The desire to always do right by my horse.
4. A very supportive family member without whom I would never be able to have my own horse.
5. A group of friends just as horse-crazy as myself.
6. The desire to constantly learn more and get better.
7. The ability to teach others.

Seven things you lack or covet for your horse
1. A truck and trailer
2. A Macel Samba saddle
3. Unlimited lesson/clinic funds
4. All the BoT things
5. A "longer" body
6. A youngster horse to bring up alongside Mollie
7. The ability to go back 10 years with everything I know now

First time riding Molls in a double, feels like forever ago.

Seven things that make you angry

1. People who think they are educated, when they are not
2. People who mistreat their horses
3. People who do things with their horses because they were instructed to, even if they don't believe that it's the right thing to do.
4. When I make things personal between Mollie and myself
5. When I do things even though I know better
6. Dishonest trainers
7. When ride times are off

Seven things you neglect to do or cut corners on

1. Cleaning tack... I don't really do it
2. Washing saddle pads before I have none left
3. Keeping my tack trunk clean
4. Grooming my horse
5. I definitely don't overreact to cuts/scrapes/bumps/etc.
6. Getting my camera out to the barn 
7. Take a moment to appreciate the fact that I own a freakin' horse

An unimpressed Mollie-Wogs

Seven most expensive things you own for your horse

1. Dover Circuit Dressage Saddle
2. Dover Circuit Jumping Saddle
3. RC Customs Double Bridle
4. BoT Hock Boots
5. Riding Clinics
6. Board
7. All my riding "clothing"

Seven guilty pleasures

1. Wool coolers (what IS it with those?)
2. Matching saddle pads and polo wraps
3. Blingy things (because Molls is a girly-girl)
4. BoT Hock boots
5. Being able to keep my horse in a gorgeous barn
6. Having barn friends that I can go out to dinner/out out with
7. My horse

About a year ago, the first time I took Molls to the current barn for a clinic.

Seven things you love about horses and riding

1. What it does for my emotional stability
2. The people I have met through riding
3. How my horse loves me
4. The relationship I have with my horse
5. The confidence it has instilled in me
6. The ability to set and regulate goals
7. The fact that I can say "a horse" when people ask if I have any pets


  1. Goodness I too wish I could go back 10 years with all I know now!

  2. Emotional stability - you said it.

    1. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly all my "problems" go away when I get to the barn. And by the time I get back in the car they usually don't even bother me any more. Pony crack.

  3. Alicia, I saw your comment on SB's blog about a double for a QH. I haven't posted yet, but I just had a bridle made for Paddy because NOTHING FITS A HAFFIE. Fully custom, handmade by my saddle fitter, English leather. Contact me privately at jen jobst at gmail dot com and I can put you in touch with her. Price was VERY reasonable. Hopefully I get it today or tomorrow. :)

  4. Agree wish I could go back in time!!

    Horsey friends are the best!!