Wednesday, March 26, 2014


While I was grooming Mollie within an inch of her life this past weekend I was once again surprised by all the color variations in her coat.  Let's run through a little history.

Mollie's papers have her registered as Sorrel.
When we bought her she was definitely a Chestnut.
Each year she has gotten a bit darker, and the few white hairs she had on her flanks when we bought her as a four year old are spreading.
She also has a few perfectly circular, bright white dots all over her body.  From what I've read about birdcatcher spots I don't think that fits here... hers literally appear over night and she's had them for many years without them ever going away.
She has some darker "brindling" on her hind legs/butt.

So basically, for all you color experts out there, what color is my horse?


I should also mention that her mane is considered flaxen (I think) at this point... she also has horizontal white stripes at the top of her tail.  I'm not sure whether or not she's a true roan, or someone else mentioned Sabino?  I don't even know if that's possible.  All your guesses are as good as mine :)
Lastly, a shameless plug for myself, in the pursuit of chocolate.  Lauren at She Moved to Texas is having a March Madness contest and Mollie and I have made it to the second round!!  If you like this blog or if you like my sassy red mare please send a vote our way :)




  1. I think given her white markings and ticking throughout her coat, wouldn't she be considered a sabino?

  2. It really depends. Does she have lighter points or darker ones in her pangere (spg?) area. My sorrel had light points with gray skin, and he had the same white flecking in his coat that you see. He was registered sorrel and I always referred to him as sorrel.

    1. She also has (mostly) light points on gray skin.

  3. Replies
    1. I didn't even know this was an option! After googling a few pictures it does seem like a possibility... guess I need to research that some more too :)

  4. I think she'll always be a red head hahaha.

    1. She better be!! Love my sassy red girl.