Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Well I did the bloggy challenge for a day... time for a break!! I feel like people have been posting lots of reviews lately so I figured I'd do a round up of all my Mollie's favorite things.  I'll probably break this up into a few different posts, and today will focus on winter riding apparel since everyone seems to be in the throes of the Polar Vortex of 2014.


 I have several different pairs of breeches and they're almost all different brands/styles.  The one pair that I recently bought a "second" of however are the Kerrits Crossover Full Seats.  I've mentioned them in another post and these are seriously my favorite breeches EVER.  They're so comfy, I love the material, and I think they look pretty classy too (I have them in gray in black).  People ask me alllllll the time if they're FITS but my first year teacher salary doesn't quite cover those ;)

Price: $109 from Dover.  Can probably find them cheaper/on sale elsewhere however.
Biggest Pro: I think they look like higher quality breeches than what people usually expect from Kerrits.
Biggest Con: Instead of coming in regular waist sizes they come in S, M, L.  Not so much a problem for me, but possibly a problem for someone in between sizes.


This vest isn't necessarily "equestrian related" but it is my favorite thing to wear to the barn in the winter.  I'm all about layers and this is the warmest vest ever.  It's kind puffy but isn't bulky or inhibiting to movement at all.  Also I'm not sure what fabric it's made out of (probably magic) but it NEVER SMELLS LIKE A BARN.  Whoever invented it is a genius because it is the one article of clothing that I can wear to the barn that doesn't ooze winter horse smell from every fiber.

Price: Usually $49, currently on sale for $19.99.  Fricken SCORE.
Biggest Pro: Doesn't smell like a barn and dirt/hair brushes off SO easily.
Biggest Con: I know some people prefer barn outerwear to be a little longer to cover more of their butt, and this vest definitely won't do that for most people.  However if you're child sized like me that won't be a concern ;)


I'm not the kind of girl to accessorize with much of anything at the barn.  I wear a plain brown belt that I got from Old Navy, my socks are hardly ever riding socks, etc.  The one thing I do insist upon is gloves however.  And not just regular riding gloves, I mean New England winter riding gloves.  When your fingers literally hurt just from walking outside it's essential to do everything to keep them warm and I feel that once my fingers are cold, it's all over.  I absolutely love these gloves for keeping my hands warm, yet not being too bulky (read: I can still hold the reins).

Price: $9.99 (can I get a "BARGAIN!"?)
Biggest Pro: These are the only winter gloves that I've owned where I can actually buckle bridles/hold reins/not feel like I'm wearing oversized mittens.
Biggest Con: They're not waterproof.

Well there you have all my favorite winter riding things!! Next up will be horsey products, I'll be asking Mollie for all of her recommendations of course.

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  1. I'm a huge fan a fleece gloves too, warm and uber functional!