Tuesday, February 18, 2014

More Winter

I rode yesterday (Monday) and can't think of a single thing to say about it.  I'm sure we were super productive.

So last night when I went to bed the news was all "It's going to snow tomorrow but not till noon and only 3 inches."  So I was all yeah, ok.  And I went to bed.  Then I woke up at 9 (hell yes school vacation) and it was snowing.  A lot.  Seriously, do I need to bring back the winter memes?  So I was all sad and laid around in bed depressed-like and then said screw snow.  I mean, I bought a car with all wheel drive this year, I may as well use it.  So I got my act together, got dressed, and drove to the barn.  It may or may not have taken 20 minutes longer than usual, and there's a chance I slid right past the entrance.... but I made it.

At least the barn entrance is all winter-y and cute.  When I'm not sliding by it.

So after skiing down the driveway and parking I went to get Molls, contemplated putting a saddle on, and figured why bother.  I mean I rode with a saddle yesterday AND Saturday so we were due for a bareback ride anyways.  Molls was good, despite winning ALL THE RACES.

Note: there weren't actually any races going on.

All in all she was a good girl though and didn't even flick an ear at the snow falling off the roof.  Then again it's now such a common occurrence I think they're all immune to said noise.  She was strong and I really need to put her back in the double (I've been slacking) but oh well.  We can deal with that tomorrow.  One good thing is that I really think I ride better bareback when I do with a saddle... mostly because I'm forced to actually ride and not just sit there and wait for a miracle to put my horse together.

After the ride Molls was obviously really exhausted.

Then she realized I brought her jelly munchkins.  Molls loves jelly munchkins.

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