Saturday, February 8, 2014


Some things I'm appreciative of today.

- Lesson ponies and kids were great, I love seeing them make progress.  Letting a kid trot around the ring (off the lunge line) for the first time is hands down one of my favorite things to watch.  Such happiness.

- The fact that my horse is at a weight I really like for the first time in... ever.

Maybe the vet won't even call her obese this year....

- The fact that my horse has had 5 days off and today I got on her bareback and WTC-ed around and she was a perfect lady.  This is all despite snow falling off the indoor roof and crashing to the ground.  The equivalent of gun shots in my opinion.  I jumped every time, she didn't flinch.

- After our ride we hung out with 3 other people from the barn and their horses, just standing and chatting.  It was only 20ish degrees but the sun was beaming into the indoor and we were all standing in the light, just soaking it in and talking horsey things.

Happy Saturday.


  1. It's a good practice find something to appreciate everyday!

  2. aww...your mare looks like my moms...who also gets called a fatty lol

    1. Ugh this one gets fat on air!! I think we've finally figure out a system of little grain/slow feed hay/and damn near under-blanketing her in order to get her to burn some calories. It will all go to heck when the grass grows back, but at least she looks good now :)