Friday, February 28, 2014

20 Questions (I am a Thief)

Totally stealing this from Hillary who stole it from The Daily Horse because I still haven't been out to the barn this week.  I just can't get excited about riding in the teens anymore.  Wah.

1. What discipline do you ride? Dressage Queen for the win.
2. If you had to switch your discipline what would you choose? Western Pleasure.  I've always had a closet obsession with the bling and the silver and the conches... I just think it's super cool.  And I may have also recently ordered this belt to help with the closet western fetish.

3. Who is your equestrian idol? I honestly don't have one... in all honesty I don't really follow any of the big time riders.  I love watching the competitions whenever I can but don't have anyone that I "idolize" per say.
4. Who is your least favorite equestrian? No one in particular but I tend to lose respect for equestrians pretty quickly if I hear they don't respect their animals as they should.  Anyone who uses questionable methods is out in my book.
5. Describe your dream horse.  I own her.

Knoopdawg Photography

6. Post a picture of the horse you ride. 

Knoopdawg Photography

7. What would you do if you were forced to stop riding? I don't think I'd ever be totally without horses.  But I would honestly be ok with having Molls in my backyard and just hanging out with her, even if I couldn't ride for one reason or another.

8. What was your best score at a show? a 68.5% with Mollie, First Level Test 1

9. What is your favorite horse blog? I have a few favorites.  Including but not limited to: Viva CarlosEquestrian at Hart, and She Moved to Texas.

10. Group lesson or private? For dressage definitely private, for jumping I prefer group.

11. How high do you jump? Not sure the highest I've ever jumped... I'd say around 3ft? 

12. What level dressage do you do? Awesome question.  The highest I've ever shown was 1st Level (years ago) and since I haven't showed much recently I really can't say.  We school parts of 2nd and 3rd Level regularly but we'd have to work to get a test together smoothly.  It's just not something that's hugely important to me right now.

13. What level eventing do you do? When I did eventing we competed Elementary level.  Schooling I don't even know... we'd basically jump anything I wasn't *too* terrified of.

14. Cross country colors?  What are they?  Either purple or teal... or both :)

15. What colors look good on your horse?  I love her in teal.

16. Opinions on Rolkur? Oh I love it.  Not.  Who made this question?

17. Last time you rode? Was it great?  Last Sunday (eek!!) And yes, Molls was very good.

18. If you could spend a day with any equestrian, who would it be? Not quite an equestrian, but I've always wanted to ride along with our vet for a day.

19. Helmet or no helmet? Opinions? Always a helmet, unless I'm doing a photo shoot or something... but even then it feels super weird.

20. Who was/is your first horse?  He was an Arabian gelding named Red.  Super flashy chestnut, no pictures handy though.


  1. Dawww thank you! I like your blog quite a bit (totally in my faves folder.)

  2. Love ya'll in teal too!!

    These questions are fun to learn more about each other!

  3. Your blog is definitely on my favorites list. Admittedly I do have a ton though :) I think Mollie is way too cute though and I'm totally jealous of your moves. Dressage moves of course.