Thursday, February 13, 2014

Horse? What horse?

So since Rhode Island just wants to keep snowing I haven't gotten out to the barn since the weekend.  Today I have another snow day (yay for no work!) but it means we're pretty much stuck in the house because nothing around here has been plowed.  So instead of posting about anything remotely horsey, I'll post winter funnies.

But actually... this is true.

How I feel every morning as I'm late for work.

Approaching this stage.

Earlier today my mother told my siblings and I to get outside and shovel the driveway.  So we made this snowman instead.  He's about 6'5 and his name is Bauer.

Stay warm friends!


  1. Replies
    1. In the beginning of winter I think people are crazy for posting them but I'm approaching the point where I think they're funny/accurate.