Sunday, March 8, 2015

Sunday Funday and Shameless Promoting

So much to blog about lately I almost don't know where to begin... so I'll leave you with a short post about today's frolicking and then beg for your likes on Facebook.

All the jumps were set pretty low in the indoor today and there wasn't anyone to share the ring with... so it seemed like the perfect day to throw Mollie's hunter tack on, and pop over a few fences.  They're all teeny tiny, and I haven't jumped her in a while, so I was just happy to cruise around without either of us dying or falling apart.

Secondly, I spent the better part of this morning setting up a Facebook page for my regular trainer, and the woman who has been riding Mollie a few times a week.  There isn't much on there yet, but she plans on posting about a topic (or giving me info to post for her, haha) once a week with visuals to go along with the snippets.  While she's mostly dressage based I really think her biomechanic way of thinking is applicable to anyone, riding any discipline.

So if you like reading and learning about anything like that, head on over to her page and like it!

I've actually made a couple purchases lately which means I have reviews to write up.  Just want to give the products a few uses before writing anything about them.


  1. Mollie is so adorable cruising around :)

  2. So good to see you guys! Sorry I couldn't stay to watch. We definitely have to coordinate better! Checked out your trainers page too. Love it.

  3. I was the 99nd like on the page, it looks really interesting.

  4. She is so ridiculously cute jumping around.

  5. Soooo dang cute. Look at her go!

  6. Mollie is such a cute little jumper!!