Sunday, November 23, 2014

Girl's Still Got It

Taking a quick second to brag about my horse.

She's had 12 days off and hasn't jumped in about a year and a half.  Maybe two years.  And then today we did this.

I recognize it's a video of me trotting my 17 year old horse over baby cross rails, but god she's a good girl.  I decided to not really steer or do anything about finding a distance because I'm pretty useless, yet she popped over anything I sort of pointed her at and landed on the correct lead about 99% of the time.

Also, lets all enjoy that first line, where Molls swerved left and right all in the course of 1.5 strides.


  1. Go Mollie Go! :) Looks like fun!

  2. awww she's so cute! looks like she's having fun too - snapping up her little knees and everything :)