Sunday, April 27, 2014

Fuzzy Ears and Weather Denial

This is a Dandy.  A Dandy has ear hair.
Another jam packed pony weekend where I took very few pictures and am kicking myself for it now. Saturday I taught two lessons, and rode the energizer bunny, or Mollie afterwards.  She was all revved up from the second I got on, but was in that lovely mental state where her energy was easily channeled and I actually had the best ride on her that I've had in a while.

One of the women at the barn was watching my ride and kept complimenting me on how great Mollie looked.  I've been feeling kind of ho-hum about my riding lately so it was nice to hear.  She also insisted her muscling had changed since I moved her to this barn in October.  Again, I don't necessarily agree but since I stare at Mollie all the time and she does it, I want to believe her.

After I got off I realized the BO's new horse arrived.  He was imported from Germany, yes Germany, on Tuesday and is drop. dead. gorgeous.  There were tons of people around so I was trying not to fangirl and take photos of him, but I definitely will this upcoming week.  He's 17 hands, 4 years old, bay, and a total beefcake.  I'm so crazy excited to see what my talented BO does with him :)

First cookout of the season down by the water on Saturday night :)

Sunday I was super motivated, and went out to ride before I had lessons.  The barn was surprisingly busy for a Sunday morning and Mollie unfortunately just wasn't feeling it.  I also didn't have half an hour to BoT her before I rode, which makes me wonder if the hock boots are really making that much of a difference lately.  Either way, she got worked, wormed, and turned back outside.

Then off to lesson barn where I had two lessons, then schooled one of the lesson ponies (really wish I had some video of myself on the Unicorn horse going over cross rails), then taught one more lesson.  In between all of this one of the teens who leases a horse at the barn took a spill, and was really upset.  It's certainly not the first time she's fallen, and she's a great little rider, but her horse has been giving her an awful time the last few months and her confidence is absolutely shattered.  It brought back so many memories for me, and being terrified of a horse I loved so much, and my heart seriously broke for her.  I gave her an impromptu lesson and a hear-to-heart, and while I don't know if I helped I really hope I did.

Back to work tomorrow after a glorious 10 day vacation... I could cry.

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