Friday, April 25, 2014

Unplanned Unplug

I've totally slacked on posting the last week or so, and same goes for commenting on everyone else's blogs, but I think I've had a decent excuse.  Since last Friday I've been on April vacation (so much better as a teacher than it ever was as a student) and I've been so insanely busy that this week has been pretty "unplugged".  I'm the first to admit I'm mildly addicted to my phone and may or may not use lunch breaks to keep up with blogs, etc. but it's been really nice to spend the week with people, hanging out with friends, and not refreshing my Facebook page every free second.  Maybe it has something to do with the sun finally coming out and it almost feeling like spring around here?

Anyways, a quick Mollie update and photo dump because it's been too long for me to write coherent things like ride recaps, etc.

Molls doing what a Mollie does best

Because I've been on vacation I've been able to ride almost every day.  I'm thrilled about this, Mollie is not.  I've ridden in the indoor and outdoor, and since the weather has been nice going on a loop around the fields.  Molls is still kind of a weenie when out there by herself, but super brave with a friend.

Classic pommel shot.  All the things are grimy.
A friend of mine (N) who hasn't ridden Mollie since we were kids (probably a good 12 years ago) came to visit and hop on her.  I gave her a bit of a "dressage" lesson since she's ridden primarily H/J for the last 10 or so years and Mollie was a star lesson pony.  N is a very capable rider but wasn't sure how to arrange her body in my dressage saddle, or how to arrange Mollie's blocky QH body in comparison to her lanky TB.  Mollie was well behaved however and was going really cutely.  Unfortunately, no picture evidence.

Molls very interested in some geese.

The vet also came out for her second round of spring shots this week.  She complimented me on Mollie's weight and overall condition and I couldn't have been happier.  I asked her about having Mollie's teeth done again because lately she's been funky about me taking left rein contact.  I figure it could be teeth, TMJ, or bitchiness, but teeth would be the easiest to rule out.  Mollie usually gets done once a year, and was last done in September, but there's still a chance something could be funky in there.  My vet didn't have time to do them that day but basically thought that what I was thinking could be true.  Her immediate response was, "Well she's getting older, her teeth have been known to do funky things especially on the left side, and she does have a very narrow mouth so there's little room for anything to go wrong."

Once again, I'm super impressed by my vet.  She sees a bajillion horses yet somehow remembers all of those things about my horse's mouth, which she only sees once a year.

An unenthused Mollie selfie

Hopefully more posting will ensue this coming week now that I'll be back to the grind at work.  Only 39 days till summer vacation :)

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