Monday, April 14, 2014

Saturday Summary

This weekend was absolutely nuts but I did get lots of horse time in, which is always nice.  It also helped that Rhode Island hit 70 degrees on Saturday and I was loving it.  Anytime I can teach lessons and work on my tan is a win :)

Also, I really liked my outfit that day.

I had lessons all day Saturday that went really well and even had time for a ride on the sassy mare of mine.  But first, lets talk about how happy my horse is that they're out on grass again... I forgot to snap a picture but Mollie has spent the last 6 days with her face planted on the ground inhaling half inch blades of grass as fast as she can.  Turns out Mollie grazes so hard, she has grass stains.  On her nose.  They won't come off.

I really wanted to get her in the outdoor for the first time all year so I tacked her up and hand walked her up there.  I hand walked her a lap around the ring where she spooked (trees are scary, and she's obviously never seen one before) but then seemed okay-ish.  I hopped on and it was apparent that we weren't going to have a productive ride.  She was super tense, her back was totally locked up, and I just really didn't feel like dealing with it that day.  I could probably write an entire post about how I used to be all "lets ride through everything!!" but lately I've realized that I'd rather just have a good ride.  So back down to the indoor we went.
I was really glad I decided to ride inside because our ride was better than I expected it to be.  She warmed up nicely in her best hunter pony pose and was really listening/being cooperative.  We did a little collected trot work but I didn't get too crazy because she's still not super fit (thank you polar vortex winter and sucky work for keeping me from riding more than twice a week all winter).  Got off, groomed, wished I had time for a bath, and put her away.

The cutest (yet most unimpressed) face


  1. the grass stains on her nose are hilarious and kind of adorable! She means business!

    1. Girl doesn't play when it comes to food ;)

  2. You gotta scotch guard her nose!