Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Monday Funday

Last night became very unexpectedly pony-filled very quickly.  My friend N, who rode Mollie last week, keeps her horse at a barn I boarded Mollie at for over 8 years.  She texted me as I got out of work and asked if I wanted to come ride her old man, Tebo.  He's an awesome TB gelding in his 20s who is just super cool to ride and I haven't ridden him since before N even owned him, probably 14ish years ago.

When I got to the barn the BM asked if either of us wanted to school Katee, one of the schoolies.  So N tacked up Tebo, I tacked up Katee, the BM tacked up a client's horse, and one of her students tacked up Riley.  It was a pony party!!  Unfortunately, things didn't go super smoothly for everyone.

The lesson student just didn't click with Riley and was having a hard time figuring out his buttons.  In her defense he's a very nervous Arabian stallion (ok, cryptorchid technically) who hadn't been worked in a while.  He's not nervous in a spooky way, more of a you need to assure him he's just fine and not dying every single step of the way.  We did some rearranging, I hopped on Riley and fell in love with him all over again.  I rode Riley a little bit when I boarded at this barn and always loved him then, and if I could take in another horse today he would be my pick.  He is one of the softest, most willing to please horses I have ever ridden.

And he's super handsome.  That helps.

My other rides were fun as well but unfortunately no pictures of those ponies.  Katee was a typical lesson pony who just tossed her head and pretended she didn't know how to steer whenever I asked anything of her, but it was all good.  Then I floundered around on Tebo who is the absolute opposite of Molls.  I equate him to riding a dinosaur.  He was a total wise guy and just popped into a canter at every available moment.  He never once did anything naughty, just pushed my buttons and cracked me up the whole ride.  I didn't even care that I probably looked like an idiot, he was just plain fun.

It was really nice to ride with a group again, and to see some old faces.

Eli, my best-est friend's American Warmblood

Tigger, 100 year old Hackney pony and love of my life.

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