Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New Kid on the Block: Montana

So a few posts ago I mentioned a fun new horse I've been working with at the lesson barn.  His name is Montana, and I'm slowly falling in love with this green goofball.

Doug Foscale Equine Photography

He is a rescue, and has been with his "Dad" for about a year... I think.  He's about 7 years old (maybe 8....) and in his short life has been very successful in doing whatever the hell he's pleased.  And he's really, really, good at getting his way.  So most of the things I've been working on with his dad, who we'll call "D", have been getting Montana to respect your space, your requests, and making it clear that you mean business.  D loves this horse and they have an awesome bond but he gives into Montana pretty easily, so we've been working on his confidence some too :)

I've really enjoyed working with him so far, so I'm sure you can expect some Montana updates in the future.  Also it helps that D takes awesome photos, so I'll be photo spamming you as well.  Because as you will learn, Montana takes awesome photos.

Doug Foscale Equine Photography