Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday

Five things I'm happy about this Friday.

1. This week is teacher appreciation week, so it's always nice to feel a little extra appreciated at work :)  Our principal provided us all with lunch today, but the thing that made me appreciate my job the most was something a student said yesterday.  I teach at the middle school level, and there is nothing middle school girls like to talk about more than boys.  Seeing as I'm the youngest teacher in the school, they find me most "relatable" (or something like that) so tell me all the various boy drama (oh to be in middle school again!).  One of my female students asked me if I had a boyfriend, to which I said no.  Then she replied, "Oh.  Really?  Because they're all missing out."

God sometimes I love my job :)

2. Tomorrow my sister makes a return to riding, and is taking a lesson with me!!  She hasn't ridden since the summer for a multitude of reasons and this will be the first time I've taught her outside of summer camp.  I'm super excited and hope it goes well!

I think this is two years ago... but there's the sister on Polly Pony.

3. Puppies.  I've been doggy-sitting some new pups all week and while I'll be sad to go back home tomorrow I'm very excited that I get to come stay with them again later this month.

Meet Oscar and Cookie Monster 

4. Friends.  My best/longest riding friend has moved home from South Carolina for good!  She spent a year there from school but decided she missed little Rhody too much and is finally home :)

5. Celebrations.  Tonight is my birthday and I'll be celebrating it by stuffing my face in a bunch of sushi and probably a large bowl/pitcher/goblet of liquor.

My favorite restaurant in the whole world.


  1. Happy Birthday! So many good things happening for you this week. Not much can be better than that :)