Monday, May 5, 2014


This weekend I schooled my favorite unicorn.  "Pit-Pat" is an lesson horse in her teens and of unknown breeding, at least to me.  But go ahead and tell me she isn't a unicorn...

She even flies.  Maybe she's actually a Pegasus.

Please excuse my lack of release/blatant checking of my lead.  She doesn't quite have her right lead canter right now, so I was trying to get her to land on it.  All equitation went straight out the window.

I've been hacking her about once a week just to help her get back in shape and she is seriously the coolest little horse.  She trail rides like a champ and is crazy brave/bold.  Nothing startles this girl.  She's also the kind of horse that I can throw on a lunge line with a dead beginner and she carts them around like a saint, and then in the next lesson I can throw a more advanced kid on her and she rises to the occasion.  She challenges you when she knows you can take it and is one of my favorite horses to ride at the moment.


  1. I want her, haha! How tall is she? She looks huge!

    1. Haha, roughly 15.2 but built like a tank and I'm only 4'11 :)

    2. Ah yes! My Quarter is the about 15.3 and my 4'10 cousin who used to own/show him made him look like he was ginormous. I'm only 5'1 so I know that feel, haha!

  2. Unicorn for sure!!!! :) She's a doll!