Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Warriors

Yet another weekend has flown by and I took zero horse related pictures.  Oops.

Saturday was lessons all morning that went well...  I think.  Somehow I can't remember but I feel like that means they must have been alright.  One of my students and I are friends on Facebook, so he noticed it was my birthday and brought me cupcakes.  Yay cake.

Went over to Mollie's barn and realized her gated community is becoming even more secure.  This horse.

Molls was the energizer freakin bunny during my ride, but I kind of didn't mind.  She was listening(ish) and wasn't really being naughty... just wanted to go go go.  At one point I was having XC flashbacks because she was getting so balled up at the canter it was reminiscent of how she used to get on the XC course.

Saturday night I went out to celebrate my birthday with some friends.  I found several interesting photos on my phone the next day, this gem included.  I have no idea how it got there ;)

Sunday was a (thankfully) short day of lessons (I may or may not have been feeling crappy) and then out for a birthday lunch with one of my students.  They really are the best :)  After not sleeping at all, then being in a food coma, I really did not feel like riding at all once I got to Mollie's barn.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day though and I thought to myself "How lucky am I to have a great horse just at my disposal" and made myself get on.

I was so, so glad I did.  It was just one of those rides where you realize just how lucky you are to ride horses period.  I put Mollie's flash back on kind of on a whim, and immediately wondered why I ever took it off.  She's always been fussy with her mouth and this seriously cuts down on that.

After my ride indoors I took her outside for a walk around the fields.  There's a small path around the field fence line that borders the woods and I hadn't been able to walk Mollie all the way around it by herself up until yesterday.  She was on alert, but super brave and listening to me the whole way.  She even bush-whacked through some fallen trees and climbed up a small bank billy-goat style.  And possibly the best part of all was when she let me hang halfway off her back to open the gate so we could walk down the chute back to the barn.  I'd like to see the other fancy dressage dumb-bloods do that ;)


  1. That;s what birthdays are all about, not knowing where half the photos came from!