Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Long Weekend

Got out to the barn plenty this weekend thanks to an extra day off!!  Molls was actually in a very good mood this weekend, and while I have no idea why I certainly am not going to question it.  She was a bit better (lighter and softer) on Saturday so naturally I have no evidence :)  My friend C was able to get some video on Sunday though, and while I'm waiting for the rest of it I do have one clip.  

I think the video is very indicative of where Mollie and I are right now.  We have a little argument, she gets nice and soft, we continue for a short while, she decides this is no fun, she protests, and we repeat.  We are in desperate need of a lesson (mostly me) and a more regular riding schedule.  Sigh.  Until summer (just 18 school days left!) it is what it is and I'm just enjoying her when I can.


  1. I hear you about wanting to have more time to ride - I am in the same boat as you! I work 10hr days, 7 days a week so it is tough to make that time but ANY schooling we can get in is good schooling!!

    Molls looks great - I love how quiet she is.

    1. Gotta love a horse who gets ridden twice a week and is still quiet during a thunderstorm. I know you can't hear it in the video because of the music but that thunder was LOUD haha. She's a saint.