Sunday, May 18, 2014

Green Bean

Here we are again at the weekend, it's unreal how fast these weeks are going by!  I feel like school always drags from September-April and once April vacation passes the weeks just fly by.  I went and rode Molls early this morning, and we just had an easy hack because her mouth still seems a little sore.  I have some photos but I'll save them till tomorrow :)

Instead I have a photo of my sister on Blaze

Then it was over to lesson barn where I taught three lessons and then rode Montana, who I've posted about a few times on this blog.  His dad, D, is away for work this weekend so Montana is all mine, and I plan on taking full advantage.  D willingly let me ride him today and I was very excited to get a schooling in on him.

Sent a photo of Montana tacked up in English tack to D, who replied, "He looks like he's wearing a man purse".  I die.

I am by no means a green horse "trainer" but I've worked with a number of green horses in the past and really enjoy the process.  It also taught me so much about Montana that I hope to transfer to D in his next lesson.

I had the BO take a video to send to D, and also to see how Montana looked.  Evidently I thought locking my elbows was a good idea...

D was happy with what he saw and now I can't wait to teach him again because I feel like I have so much to tell him!