Monday, May 19, 2014

VCBH: Why?

This week, L from Viva Carlos asks the question: "Why do you continue to ride?"

I've enjoyed reading everyone else's responses and while everyone has a slightly different twist, I think we all have the same underlying tone... there is something so incredibly addictive about this sport that no one can quite put into words.  There's just something that always pulls you back, no matter where life takes you.

For me, I've always been drawn to horses.  Ever since I was a little girl and could identify animals I've been told I favored horses.  I drew horses, read about horses, watched horses whenever I could on TV, and begged my parents to take me anywhere there may be horses.  I was lucky enough to have a grandmother who shared my passion, and she was the one who took me to lessons and eventually bought me my horse.

It doesn't seem to matter how long I have Mollie, there's always something I need to learn.  I love that.  As well as I know her, there are always days that she surprises me.  I love that too.  I think those are parts of the reason I continue to ride.  I will never learn all there is, yet somehow I'm driven to learn as much as I can.

Then there's the actual bond you have with your horse.  The way all horses have that horse smell, yet your horse smells different to you.  Or the way they probably know more about you than anyone else on this planet.  They way they trust you even when they have every ability not to, because you've taught them that you're trustworthy.  The way that they become reflective of you, and people could learn a heck of a lot about you just by riding your horse.

It's funny how I rarely seem to think about the negatives with horses.  I know my horse is expensive, yet just this weekend I spent over a hundred dollars on her at Dover in 5 minutes.  I have to budget my money carefully, but every penny spent on her is worth it.  I know my horse could dump me, and believe me she has, but that's never a thought when I swing my leg over the saddle.  My horse frustrates me weekly, yet I spend all week waiting for my rides.

There's just something addictive about horses.  And that's why I go back.


Photo credit to Knoopdawg Photography


  1. They are addictive, aren't they?

  2. Hi I am Karley and I am a horse addict too :)

  3. Love this response! And great pictures too!

  4. Definitely all have the same underlying tone.