Thursday, January 16, 2014

Barn Tour

So I'm a little late to the barn tour bandwagon but it took me a little while to get pictures of everything.  And naturally I'm still missing some.  Some of these were taken on different days so I apologize for all the changes in light.


Looking from the fields to the back of the barn.
The white fence visible to the left of the barn is our outdoor.

Mollie in the aisle cross ties, looking out to the fields.

Molls in her field, doing what she does best.

Each horse has a run out attached to their stall for bad weather days.


The only decent picture I have of the indoor... it is home to the most
luscious footing I have ever seen.  I'd roll around in it.

Tack Room


One of two cross-tie "stalls"

Mollie's stall
Grain room is open to the aisles on each side
This is by far the nicest barn I have ever kept my horse at... she seriously doesn't know how great she has it.  The barn is new, and the first boarders moved in December 2012.  Mollie has been here since October 2013.  The woman who built this barn did it with every detail a horse person would love in mind.

Not pictured are some cool features such as:
- Heated viewing room looking into the indoor
- Outdoor wash stall
- Blanket bars across from the cross ties to keep blankets off stall doors

One of my favorite "features" of this barn is the speaker system in the indoor.  I can plug my iPhone in before I get on and put on whatever playlist I have ready to go and it plays right into the indoor.  For the record, Mollie likes country the best.

That about sums it up, I've loved looking at everyone else's barns and hope you liked Mollie's abode :)


  1. That indoor... The footing looks amazing. Love her digs! Looks like a fabulous barn!