Friday, January 24, 2014

Day 8: A little bit about the barn you ride at

My favorite photo of the barn.

I'm just going to go ahead and say that my horse lives better than I do.... and probably always will.  Over the course of my riding life I've ridden at a handful of different barns, and this one is hands down the closest thing to a slice of heaven as you can get (in my opinion anyways).  The barn was built recently and the first boarders moved in December 2012.  Mollie and I moved there October 2013 and she and I have loved it since the first day.

The barn is on the smaller side, which I love.  There are 14 stalls in all and each have an attached run in where the horses can go if the fields are frozen over, too wet, etc.  In the middle of the barn is a viewing room (overlooking the indoor), tack room/bathroom, grain room, and cross-tie stalls.  The outdoor is at the "top" of the facility, and can be partially seen in the picture above (the white fencing to the left of the barn).

Plenty of other photos of the barn can be seen on my Barn Tour Post.

I love that the barn is (relatively) low drama, everyone there absolutely loves their horse, and that it is full of mostly dressage riders.  I used to not care what discipline other people in the barn rode but after coming from a primarily Hunter/Big Eq. barn I've realized it's really nice to ride with people who think and ride like you do (and now I sound like the hoity-toity dressage rider everyone thinks we are ;) ).

I also love that the BO lives on property and is very much involved with the day to day operation.  The only downside to this barn is that it's a good 40-50 minutes from my house.  Seeing as I'm working full time it does make it difficult to get there as much as I'd like but I feel very confident that my horse is in good hands when I can't get there.


  1. I want to be at your barn. Just sayin.

    1. Well should you and Huey ever move to Rhode Island I'd be happy to be barn buddies :) haha.