Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 6: All the tack and riding clothes you have

This is quite possibly the longest "30 Day Challenge" ever, I just get distracted by blog hops and riding updates.

Seeing as I have an alarming amount of tack I'm just going to go with the things that I use everyday or at least frequently.

I like my saddle and it serves its purpose well.  It fits Mollie and I, has been adjusted a few times, and I've had it for years and it's still in great shape.  I do love that your stirrup leathers/stirrups rest under the flap because the flap has 0 rubs/discoloration.  Annnnd everyone always thinks I ride without stirrups ;)

Girths are boring, but necessary.  I've had this one forever.

I unfortunately can't even post a link to my bridle as I typically use a combination of bridles... I have a plain, simple snaffle bridle from Dover that actually came with my saddle that I use.  Then a few years ago I bought a double bridle at Equine Affaire, which doesn't quite fit.  I've taken the cheekpieces off of the double, added them to our snaffle bridle, and as a result you have our double bridle.

Ghetto double bridle is ghetto

AlBaCon Boucher Bit
AlBaCon Wide Port Weymouth Bit
As far as tack for Mollie goes that's about it... We're pretty minimalist.  Of course we have approximately 293849 saddle pads and matching polo wraps for each.  Go ahead and enjoy this picture of my disorganized tack trunk, and a small sampling of our polos:

Because everyone needs pink leopard... the two purple ones in the back
are tye-dye, don't be fooled by the innocent purple lining.

Now for my "stuff".  I haven't shown in forever and even when I did it wasn't often, so I don't have a ton of show clothes.  What I do have was purchased so long ago I'm not even sure some of it is still available.  Perks of not growing after 6th grade I suppose.  As a result the majority of my "clothes" are for schooling, and are practical but I like them to look decent too.  I have a bunch of different kinds/brands of pants because I'll basically buy anything that fits, and isn't outrageously expensive.  

Riding Sport Jean Full Seat
These breeches are soooooo freakin comfortable!! They're like wearing leggings, so naturally I love them.

Symphony No. 3 Rosa Full Seat Breech
I bought these in French Blue on a whim but they didn't have the full seats in store to try on.  I tried on the knee patch version and ordered the same size in the full seat, but the full seats seem to run a little smaller.  Because they're a little tight I don't wear them as often but I do love the material and look of them overall.

Kerrits Crossover Full Seat Breeches
These are hands down my FAVORITE breeches.  They get mistaken for FITS all the time but they're far less expensive.  I have a black pair and a gray pair, and it doesn't seem like they sell the gray anymore which is too bad.  They fit really nicely, have just enough stretch, and lots of "grip".  Plus I like the material and think they look nice when on.

The rest of my stuff is pretty boring... as far as helmets go the IRH's tend to be the only things that fit my head.  I currently use this one:

I know Ariats aren't everyone's favorite but I've been riding in these every time I ride for the last year and a half and they're still in awesome shape.  And yes I still wear children's boots....

Children's Ariat Heritage Select Zip Field Boot

So that was a total novel but I think it rounds up our "everyday" tack essentials.  I was thinking of doing an entire post on some New England Winter tack favorites, seeing as I know some of my viewers definitely live in different climates.  Thoughts?


  1. I wanted to try the symphony breeches when they came out but never got to buying a pair. As for the double... Didn't realize you could use a boucher as the snaffle. Learn something new everyday!

    1. I really like them, just wish I had ordered up a size. I really should have exchanged them as soon as I realized they were tight but I have this crazy idea that I'll get in better shape and they'll fit... hahahaha. I previously had a plain egg butt snaffle on the bridle but when I ride her in a snaffle I prefer the Boucher... so when I disassemble the ghetto bridle it's easier to have that one on there so I have one less thing to switch out.

  2. Your bridle doesn't look that ghetto!

    1. Haha well thank you. I guess the differences in cheekpieces/headstalls is harder to see in a photo. I'll take it!