Friday, January 17, 2014

Money in da Bank

Stealing everyone's ideas the last few days but these blog hops are more fun than me going on and on about my uneventful ride last night.

If I had $100,000 free and clear, taxes all paid, just to spend on pony things I would:

1. Set aside some for Mollie's boarding/bills/future emergencies                    $30,000
Totally lame and un-exciting but there are just so many expenses that come with horses I would hate to even figure out how quickly this money would be burnt through.  It would be nice to have a little stash set aside though to use for a while.

2. Invest in a foal/youngster to start myself and train just the way I want.      $20,000
- Filly (girls only club)
- German Riding Pony (or some other similar pony suited for dressage)

you shall do

3. A Macel Samba saddle for the horses and myself.                                       $4,000
A friend of mine rides in one, and I wants.  That is all.

4. Lessons, Clinics, and Showing                                                                     $20,000
Again, I shudder to think about how quickly I could blow through twenty grand on lessons and further education but I seriously love lessons.  I have so much to learn and want to learn it all!!  Being an adult I seriously miss the weekly lessons I had as a kid which were financed by financially stable adults.  Now that the responsibility to pay for lessons falls on me they're few and far between.  

5. Shopping spree for the Horse                                                                       $13,000
Items include but are not limited to:
- All new blankies (because right now hers are old... god forbid)
- A fancy pants double bridle instead of the one I currently use that I put together from two snaffle bridles.
- All the BoT products her highness desires/needs... but mostly desires.

6. Shopping spree for Myself                                                                            $13,000
Items include but are not limited to:
- All the full seat britches I can find/that fit me
- Konig dress boots
- Samshield helmet

And that is how I spend allllllll da monies.


  1. I almost did the "board for x years " but figured I should be a little more fun. And just stashed the emergency money in other places haha. :)

    1. lol I know it was a lame one but the idea of a pre-paid year of board, farrier, vet, etc., bills would be heavenly.