Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Preparation is Everything

Transformation Tuesday anyone?
(circa 2002 and 2013)
Sometimes I really screw myself over with a ride.  I'm not sure why I think allowing my horse to do whatever the heck she wants during a warm up will lead to a productive ride, but from time to time I do it anyways.  I'm also not sure why I thought riding her in just her snaffle again (instead of putting her double together) would be a good idea.  News flash, the horse is smart and won't be exceptional in her snaffle twice in a row.
After a warm up in which I held the buckle and Mollie trotted and cantered around on her own accord I had the heaviest horse EVER.  I recognize this is my own fault so then I was just annoyed with myself.  I did lots of very technical exercises trying to get Mollie light and soft and oh, did I mention it was dinner time?  Oh, and that Mollie's least favorite horse on the property also entered the ring?
Can you guess where I'm going here?
All in all it was definitely not our most productive ride.  I decided to just focus on a very technical, very correct shoulder-in and when I got a good one in each direction I called it a day.  Quickly groomed Molls, threw her (lightweight) blankie on, (what is with this warm weather?!), and let her eat her dinner.  She was obviously quite pleased, and I immediately put our double back together for next time.
I really wanted to get pictures of the barn/facility to do a "Where you Ride" post but it was too dark by the time I got there yesterday.  Hopefully next time!!


  1. One day I want to be at a double bridle level. How cool. Or just be ready fr one I guess. Looking forward to the barn your :)

    1. I never in a million years dreamed I would ride Mollie in a double (as evidenced by the left hand picture I posted, we had very humble beginnings lol). Don't think of it as "double bride level" but more the "ready for it" mindset. Level wise most people would probably think riding this horse in a double is ridiculous but a trainer suggested it at one point and my horse has completely changed since I began riding with it. At first I was leery of it being a "tool" but once you get used to riding with one it's amazing.