Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 3: Your Best Riding

I think it's really hard to pinpoint a time where my riding was "at it's best".  I've gone through so many phases in riding from changes in disciplines, to time spent in the saddle, etc so I would say there are definitely times my riding has been better in one area than another, but I don't feel like I'm at my "best riding" yet.  Therefore to answer today's prompt I'll go through different times that I feel parts of my riding were better than others.

My Fittest Riding:
There is a stand out point where I think my horse and I were the fittest we've ever been.  For several months I boarded her at a small facility that had the holy grail... it's own cross country course.  I had been riding over fences and dressage with Mollie for several years at that point so turning to eventing seemed like the natural choice when we moved here.  I hardly ever rode in a ring because the grounds around the cross country course were great for schooling dressage.  The hills in between the fences and stretches of flat areas were perfect for lateral work outside of the area.  Couple that with the fact that we cruised around the cross country course once or twice a week and Mollie and I were definitely at the fittest points in our riding life.

Please ignore my too-long stirrups :)

Most Educated Riding:
While Mollie and I are no longer as fit as we used to be I would say we are definitely the most educated now that we've ever been.  If we could just mesh the two together we'd be all set!  Over the last year or so I've gotten more serious about our dressage and have done my best to ride her to the best of my knowledge and abilities.  Recently I've begun riding with someone new and unfortunately only get to have lessons a few times a year when he comes this way for a clinic.  In between clinic rides we do our best to stick to what he taught us, and I get as much help as I can from a good friend of mine who has ridden this "way" for far longer than I have.

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