Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Day 10: How your friends/family feel about your riding

My family isn't all that thrilled with my riding.  They're all hockey players and are fairly certain I sit on my horse and she does all the work.  At this point it's not worth trying to convince them otherwise.  Thankfully I have the most amazing group of friends, made through riding horses, many of which I consider family at this point.  To commemorate those relationships, I'm going to post a crap ton of photos.

Friends from Journey's End Farm, 2009ish?

Journey's End Farm friends

One of my closest friends and I, on our 11 hand ponies.

One of our many "jumping days" at JEF

Heading out for a trail ride, in size order (2010)
Splashing through the ocean, Goddard Park
To this day this is one of my favorite riding memories.

Summer camp staff, Heritage Equestrian Center (2011)

One of my talented photographer friends and I.

Trail rides with friends along the water :)


  1. My family never really got my riding either, and my dad is convinced it's not a cardio activity. That being said, they supported it enough financially and have learned to accept it so I can't complain :)

    1. I was fortunately blessed with a grandmother who rode as a kid and therefore funded my riding when I was younger (and still helps to do so today). Without that I really don't know if I would have started riding till a much older age.