Sunday, January 19, 2014

Short and Sweet

Mollie and I signed up for an impromptu clinic/lesson tomorrow so today's ride was all about short and sweet.  I got on her and she warmed up really well, and I did my best not to screw anything up.  All in all I probably only rode for about half an hour but she was a good girl so there was no need to drill anything.  Plus I have no idea what our ride will be like tomorrow so I just wanted to make sure she was loose, soft, and in a good state of mind for our lesson.

I've never ridden with the clinician, who I'll call L, but a bunch of the women at the barn ride with her  and since tomorrow is a holiday I have the day off and might as well.  I'll essentially ride with anyone once, and just love lessons in general so I'm pretty excited.  Fingers crossed Mollie behaves herself!!

Fat blurry cow horse

sooooo sleepy


  1. Clinic! Woohoo. Enjoy! I'm jealous that you get the day off!

    1. I hope it goes well. And yes, random days off are definitely a teaching perk :)